It’s not just Texas. It’s not just Florida.

This is the world we live in, these are the systems that govern us, racist and misogynist to their very core. To blame it on a locality is to miss the point. It’s all rotten.


This is today and you should go, because who needs love when you have grindcore?

If you’re in Austin, come to this tonight. Then head to the Dirty Dog to catch Fuck the Facts and some other bands, it’s free if you’re 21 or over! $5 if under. FTF plays around midnight.

Yeah dude, I can totally find you pounds and pounds of marijuana in a city I’ve never been to in a state I moved away from 2 years ago. You were smart to come to me first.

I’m tired of money being such an issue.

Late checks suck, banks suck, paypal sucks, everything sucks.

North Carolina based tumblr activists spraypaint “rape apoligists” on Church Whip’s van (cool spelling) and slash their tires to protest their Raping The East tour. Their attempt at ruining one band’s tour got the DIY venue the show was held at shut down.

Way to go North Carolina, you’re really doing a great job.

Another successful jam. I looped a cool riff and made some noise over it with the moogerfooger, memory toy, and polyphonic octave generator. Came up with a couple other cool riffs towards the end to use next time. Entire thing clocked in at a little over 11 minutes.

Really happy with my progression lately.